Marco Polo Presents: Zoom Class (Sunday January 31st , 2021) 1pm EST

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My brand new production class via zoom (video chat). Limited to 6 people & happens once a month. The class will be 1 hour and cover various topics (Drum programming, sample selection, basic digging history on classic breakbeats, basic music business for producers...). I want y'all to get the most out of it. I'm here to share all my knowledge and creative process with you.  Because it's a small group I'll be able to connect with each of you on a more detailed level and help you learn a few things that have helped me in the 2 months of mentor ship after the class. See ya soon!


Additional info:

- The registration fee is for one class only (minimum 1 hour in length but usually goes a little longer because I like to blab haha). (this is the January 2021 slot)

-You will receive 3 drum kits from my collection. We will possibly use these during the class.

- Direct email contact/ feedback on your beats and any other music related questions via email for 1 month after the class. This is where the real work happens!

 any further questions feel free to hit me up at